Monica Hall was born in Canada, adopted by American parents, and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. It was there where she spent the first sixteen years of her life and had many of the foundational experiences that drive her writing. Hall now lives in Northern California and began working on a memoir in Spring 2016 when her daughter urged her to document her extraordinary but painful past.

As she has gained access to buried memories through the process of writing about her experiences, Hall has realized just how self-preserving the human mind can be. She was astonished to discover how much she had willfully forgotten, how much pain she harbored from her early years, and how much guilt she had repressed in her adult life. Digging to the core of her memories as part of the writing process has allowed Hall to begin healing her wounds, forgive both herself and the people who wronged her, and shed the guilt she has lived with for decades. Ultimately, she hopes her writing will inspire others by proving that it’s possible to overcome difficult circumstances and succeed.

Hall works as a business advisor from her home in Sacramento, but she has also founded an eponymous skincare line and a successful business centered on natural, chemical-free body care. Her entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by the experiences of her youth, which helped to cultivate the fierce and fearless personality that prepared her to build and direct successful industry-leading companies.

Hall has been a mentor and speaker for over three decades and devotes much of her time to working with young women by guiding them through life’s twists and turns. This has been instrumental in her development, and Hall describes it as a life-changing experience. Freely giving of her time has helped her to shed a self-centered worldview and gain new insight into human motivation and interactions. Mentoring gives her a sense of peace and has helped her to live her life with less judgment of herself and others.

Family is one of the most important things in Hall’s life. She has strong relationships with her daughter, son, and grandson in addition to the daughter she was reunited with eighteen years after giving her up for adoption. She is also close to her brother and 92-year-old mother, who live nearby and have helped to fill in the blanks of her past. After being reunited with her biological family, Monica began traveling to Canada. She also makes frequent visits to Anchorage, the land of her youth.

Hall’s essays have been published by Women Writers, Women’s Books and the Anchorage Press, and she is a member of a group for women writers. Her writing focuses on themes of identity, rebellion, self-doubt, and—most importantly—growth. She loves to write in the early morning hours when her world is quiet and her mind is open.”